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Enjoy the Magical Serenity of the Misty Mountain

Kitchen With Necessary Utensils,
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Enjoy luxurious cottages and hotel rooms in Ooty

If you are an ardent lover of beauty, get a luxurious hotel rooms at ooty when you visit the paradise in south India. We provide elegant hotel rooms for tourists, with tailored facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. Enjoy the perfect ambience amid the smoky mountains and lush green valleys. Simply contact us for sophisticated rooms, with all the amenities you need. Well-furnished bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and most importantly, the pleasing beauty of nature through the large windows, all these await you at the hotels.


You may be looking for a homestay cottages at ooty and visit the places around. Come to us with your budget and requirements, we will arrange all the facilities for you. You will return with tons of memories to cherish. The bedrooms are spacious, and you can enjoy your time in the rooms, watching the mountains and fog that accumulate over it. The large balconies and windows allow the tourists to enjoy their time watching nature in its most appealing attire.


The cottages at ootyhave well-equipped kitchens. You will find all necessary utensils here, along with refrigerator and gas ovens. Cherish your day time by sight-seeing and quench your thirst for beauty. In the evening, you can sit by the campfire and enjoy your time.


The interiors are elegant, with well-finished floors and polished walls to cater to the highest grades of tastes. Soothing lights create a mesmerizing sensation, where you can create the ambience you desire. A vintage evening, a romantic illumination, or a warm time for celebrating your tour, you can enjoy your time in the hotels in the way you like.


We would be pleased to give you a memorable experience in the Cottages in Ooty. Give us a knock when you need our services. An abode of luxury and comfort awaits the tourists in Ooty.